Submissions are now open for
Puppet Playlist #29:
Aretha Franklin

 SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 21st, 2019

Performances will be on March 14th & 15th, 2019


The Tank
312 West 36th Street
New York City

What you want?! Baby we’ve got it: Puppet Playlist #29: Aretha Franklin!

To help your submission stand out, we encourage you to SUBMIT EARLY! If you have an idea, start talking to us about it, even if your proposal isn’t fully fleshed out. If you have questions, please get in touch.


Puppet Playlist is a regular evening series of new short works of puppetry and music. Since 2009, we have provided a space for puppeteers to create new work in front of an always-supportive audience. (And sold out almost every performance to boot!) Every act is provided a stipend in thanks for joining in on the fun!


You create a short work of puppetry based on/inspired by an Aretha song. You can use one or more songs in your piece, either the original track or an adaptation of the track. We strongly encourage each act to be puppet-based; however, if you make a really compelling proposal, we will also consider dance, clown, or other types of performance. Puppetry performances will be interspersed with live musical interpretations of Aretha Franklin songs by some of our favorite local musicians.

Each show features live music interspersed with puppetry acts. We’re looking for original interpretations of Aretha’s music (rather than straight covers)—think outside the box!


To participate, email your proposal to Please include answers to the questions below. We’d like to get a clear idea of who you are, what kind of work you’re interested in, and how you’re thinking about your piece. Most importantly: make us excited about your idea! Please note that we get more submissions than we can accept.

  • Let us know what song you want to do and what ideas you have for your piece.
  • Please select two other songs you’d be interested in working with. We expect to see multiple submissions for the same songs and want to make sure you have another choice if the first one is claimed by someone else. You don’t need to make a full proposal for your second and third choices, just list the song titles.
  • A short personal bio. Where have you (or your puppets) performed? What kind of work have you done? Since we don’t ask for detailed proposals, we’d like to get to know something about the kind of work you’re interested in. If you’ve already performed at Puppet Playlist, just let us know what you’ve been up to since you last performed with us. If your piece ends up in the show, we’ll also use this info on our website.
  • Please send in a work sample (video and/or photos). It can be very helpful for us if we haven’t seen your work. It’s not required, but a good sample will make a big difference.
  • Let us know how you heard about us. Did you see our last show? Did one of your friends perform and tell you about it? If you’ve already performed at Puppet Playlist, you don’t need to include this.
  • Please include your phone number.

Please Note: Each piece is STRICTLY limited to 7 minutes.

A Tip: We suggest that your proposal be something more than either a literal enactment of the story of the song or merely a puppet singing the song. Although we’ve seen this work well in the past, for the most part, successful Playlist pieces have been those that do something beyond that.

 SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 21st, 2019

If you have any questions, you can email us at Please also sign up for our mailing list to find out about upcoming performances.

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